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Guidance on Independent Contractor Status Kirsch CPA Group Accounting & Tax

Guidance on Independent Contractor Status Kirsch CPA Group Accounting & Tax



One of the reasons I made the change from IT to accounting service is that I needed to scale to a business model that allowed for people doing production to work for me. Also, I found IT Services nebulous because you could spend hours trying to fix a computer, and I had a tough time justifying the invoice to clients, when it could be less costly for them to buy a new computer. While I like solving puzzles, there are just too many pieces to fit together when it comes to IT. So, I went for a different puzzle to solve for clients – accounting and bookkeeping. As your business continues to grow, you will see how beneficial it would be to have the time you spend on bookkeeping to complete work within your expertise, acquire new clients and more.

When deciding to bring in a professional or not, you may ask yourself if you can afford to. However, what you should be asking is, can you afford to not bring in a professional to help with such important information.

Keeping Payroll Data Confidential

You get paid directly in proportion to how many tax returns you complete and the service you provide. Your earning potential is unlimited and a good number of the accountants on our team earn six figures.

To control expenses, an employer usually retains the right to regulate and direct the worker’s business activities. An independent contractor, on the other hand, is free to work when and for whom he or she chooses. Employers can avoid the high costs of having a service provider’s designation changed from independent contractor to employee by vigorously applying the 20 common-law factors. When reviewing these factors, businesses should not put too much emphasis on those in its favor and ignore those that are not.

Business Expenses Personal or Deductible? Don’t Get Caught are considered to be ordinary and necessary expenses made by someone, “in the business of being an employee”, that are not paid for by their employer. One must be an employee to have such expenses and able to deduct them on their tax return. If an individual is buying tools or equipment, that are necessary to do their job, they are likely to be considered a contractor investing in their business. Possibly the easiest and most important distinction between an employee and a contractor is the ability to incur a loss or turn a profit. An employee will be paid a W-2 by the employer and earn a fixed salary or hourly wage. A contractor will be earning an agreed upon amount from the company, but will also have expenses such as supplies and materials; hence the ability to profit or lose money from the agreement. If the person for whom the services are performed hires, supervises and pays assistants, that generally shows control over the workers on the job.

What is the difference between self-employed and independent contractor?

By definition, an independent contractor provides work or services on a contractual basis, whereas, self-employment is simply the act of earning money without operating within an employee-employer relationship.

It gives you a more transparent look into where your accountant for independent contractor is right now and how it is trending. The gig economy is expanding rapidly as internet platforms are used more to connect service providers to customers. The gig economy generally includes industries in which workers complete tasks on an on-demand or client-by-client basis, such as Uber and Lyft drivers or restaurant home-delivery services. The emerging gig economy has raised questions about how to classify workers for tax purposes. If the worker has the right to end his or her relationship with the person for whom the services are performed at any time without incurring liability, this indicates an employer-employee relationship. The club also paid him in cash based on chits signed by the members.

Estate Planning – Does it still matter?

It does not address part-time seasonal help preparing tax returns. It does not deal with practitioners who operate bookkeeping services and want to hire part-time in-office or in-home help. It does not cover part-time help hired to do computer-related work nor does it cover students hired to do tax/legal research. In the tax and accounting profession we are in luck. Do not let the age of the case fool you into thinking it does not apply in the age of Blackberrys and Wi-Fi; it applies. This is a case you need to read if you are planning on hiring any kind of professional or clerical part-time help.

  • Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as a BuzzFeed quiz—there’s no clean number that if you answered yes or no to, you’ll get your answer.
  • An opinion letter is an official, written opinion by the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division on how a particular law applies in specific circumstances presented by the individual person or entity that requested the letter.
  • Having organized books will also help your business ensure that every invoice is sent out on time, that your accounts receivable is not going unpaid, and that you pay your credit card bills.
  • Any audit that may occur is instantly easier due to the separation of these accounts.
  • Give them your company email – having email sent to their own email potentially violates almost all NDAs with the client and represents a big security hole.

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